We are a consulting company with expertise in five distinct areas: Strategical Marketing & Integrated Communication, Corporate Education, Management & Projects, Business´ Internationalization and Startups & Innovation.
Constituted by a team of multidisciplinary consultants, in continuous improvement in their own areas of action, we serve several segments in Brazil and outside of it, offering complete and integrated solutions, contributing for the construction of results of our clients.


  • The professionalism, ethics, constant attention, speed and quick solutions, efficient and commitment to the results, of Honorato Marketing & Associated Consultants, brings us tranquility and the certainty of always being able to trust them to answer our necessities.
    Gedson Ferreira, Viaer Soluções Aeronáuticas
  • Professionalism, experience and assertion are desired characteristics in a consulting work, and which describe our opinion about Honorato, with satisfaction we´ve realized that our choice was adequate.
    João Berdu, Bisa Overseas Indústria e Comércio de Seda
  • By hiring the consulting of Honorato Marketing & Associated Consultants, we encountered highly qualified professionals, who answered our necessities with a lot of speed and with the ethics that these services require.
    Renato Pena Camargo, Tarobá Construções